It was just another sunny day in the vibrant city of Mumbai when a bunch of CISV’ers met up at an art gallery on International Peace Day. Following the various experiences gained in China during JASPARC 2017, JB India’s major agenda was to expand CISV and make it accessible to all. JB India celebrated International Peace Day on 21 September,2017  with a group of visually impaired students and also got an insight on their views on World Peace. The aim was to consider ART as a medium of talking about the concerns of Peace.

JB India used this opportunity of making it a poster making event, which were made in collaboration with the visually impaired students. The ideology and thoughts of these students were brilliantly portrayed on the posters that were made. They also spoke about what World Peace means to them and what kind of an impact they would like to make on the world. Few of the notable comments made by them were that you have to lead by example and start by finding peace in yourself. They also said how making excuses does not help and you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

The JB was very lucky to get a chance to interact with such bright minds and it was fascinating to see the thought process of these students even though they are visually impaired. Despite not having the ability to see they seemed to have “seen” themselves doing something good for the world which is truly commendable. We got to learn so much from these students and while interacting with them when we got to know about the various issues they face in life, we realized how we privileged lot complain about such irrelevant things in life. We realized that we have stopped appreciating the simple things in life and we need to start finding joy in simple things, an art of living which majority of the modern population has forgotten.

The event had participants ranging from the age of 6-60 years. It was a learning experience for everyone as they learned about various opinions and perspectives. It was also a great exposure for JB India as they learned how to work with differently abled human beings. These are skills and values which everyone should possess and we at CISV India look to involve everyone in it and make it a larger community. Peace starts from within and one should always strive to make the world a better place to live in!